Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ducks first trip outside

Sorry I'm a little behind with the posting! This is a 1 minute or so video taken of the ducks first trip outside, they are a little less than a week old in this. Since this video, I have been taking them out once or twice a day and they're starting to catch on to the "going back inside" part of the deal and will frequently follow me to the door and then either just sit down, or mill around just outside the door and I have to catch each one of them-- which is getting harder and harder to do, it's pretty funny for now, I'm betting the humor will wear off quick though and I'll have to find a new solution. I'd like to just move them outside permanently, but we're having some 108 degree weather all this week...

Also, Jasper has finally flown away. We see him on the wires around the house from time to time, but he's not interested in coming down. It makes me kind of sad that he's not going to ride around on my shoulder anymore, but hopefully this newfound instinct will keep him safe from predators.


mollyrat said...

perhaps build a little ramp for those duckies, a bit of wood or something.

they're very cute, you should be Proud!

spelled with a K said...

you saved a life, that is enough.

How are the ducks in terms of temperament?

rachelbess said...

The ducks are friendly and interested in people, but they don't want to be picked up or petted. Even though I've been picking them up and petting them every day in hopes of acclimating them to handling. I think they'll always eat out of my hands (?) but that's probably about as hand-tame as they'll be.