Friday, July 11, 2008

Jasper flies away! and ducks in the incubator

This morning I had Jasper out with me like usual and he sat around watching me do yardwork for a few hours sometimes on my shoulder, sometimes on a fence post. Later on, I got him out again, and he flew up onto our wall and sat there and watched me work for about 15 minutes and then he just flew off. I couldn't see where he went and I looked around for him for awhile, but I guess he figured it was time to go. I'm really going to miss the little guy, but I'm glad we were able to raise him successfully.

In other big news, there are four khaki campbell eggs in the incubator. A family with ducks had one that went broody and was sitting on the nest for a little over two weeks and then decided she was done with that. There were four viable ones out of the seven on the nest so I went and got them and put them in the incubator. Between the long car ride and all the temperature and humidity fluctuations over that 20 hours, I don't have real high hopes for them, but they're in the incubator now and the temp and humidity seems to be stable. If the eggs are still alive, the expected hatch date should be in just over a week.

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spelled with a K said...

I hope they do well, I am interested in getting some Khaki's for our place.