Sunday, July 20, 2008

A duckling has hatched!!

The first hatch from the incubator as well as my first duck was born this morning around 11am! It stayed just "pipped" for about 18 hours and then within a relatively short amount of time it busted out like Mr. Kool-Aid. Here are the pictures!
The Pip!

The pip gets a little bigger

Breaking the shell

Beginning to hatch



Wet duckling in the incubator

Starting to dry a little

Into the Brooder

One cute 6 hour old duckling!

This duckling was business from the word go, he/she busted out of the egg didn't stop to rest and tried to explore the incubator before she realized that she needed to learn to walk first. From what I've read it's best to leave the ducklings in the incubator for about 12 hours after they hatch, but this one only made it four before her propensity towards egg kickball (even after I set up dividers that no 3 hour old duck should be able to get around) got her a one way ticket to a separate brooder box. She's a great little duckling so far, chipper and friendly.
Another egg pipped this morning, I'm waiting on a hatch! The other two eggs don't seem quite as vigorous but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them too.


maventheavenger aka jamie said...

So adorable!

spelled with a K said...

congratulations on your new arrival!

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AJK said...

Awwwww! Congrats! Whatcha gonna name the little one?

mrsb said...

WOW! How exciting!!