Friday, August 29, 2008

Terrible Monsoon at the tiny farm!!!

Usually here in the land of no rain we welcome the monsoons, without them we wouldn't get to our annual average 7" of rain. They occasionally break some tree limbs and some flooding, but last night we had a storm that put all the other ones to shame. We had 100+ mph winds, penny sized hail and floods. The chickens were fine, the ducks ended up being fine, but they got a little roughed up. Lots of my neighbors have no power today and it's supposed to be 103 and very humid. Here are just a couple of pictures of the damage, all of these are within a block radius of my house and there were a lot more but you get the idea from these.

Completely uprooted
There are two cars crushed under this giant tree
This took out the roof and part of the front of the house
no more porch

My wildlife rehabbing neighbor rescued this hurt swallow from floodwater

This photo only shows 2 of the 5 trees that were uprooted in front of this complex

Needless to say, most of today will probably be spent cleaning up and doing minor repairs to the tiny farm. We're thankful that all our animals seem to be okay.


Mo said...

I am so so sorry to see that! Awful and devastating! We also had the storm but not nearly as severe as downtown by the sounds of it.

Parsec said...

Wow...those are amazing pictures. Sorry to hear about all the destruction down there.

AJK said...

This is insane! Have there been any storms this large in the past 50 years? I'm sooo sorry about all the damage. I'm glad you and the animals are doing ok. I wonder if Global Warming has an affect on these storms becoming stronger...

mrsb said...

Holy Crap! Saying a prayer for everyone to recover quickly and without too much loss.