Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ducks and the plumbed duck 'pond'!

The ducks are 5.5 weeks old now and nearly full-grown. They spend most of the day hiding out in the damp shade except when they hear the back door open which means it's time to start making noise and coming out from under the bushes to see if I have food.

I got very sick of taking out the dirty duck water every morning by hand with buckets, so I found a sturdy kiddie sandbox/pool in a bulk trash pile and added this faucet to it for draining. (The stick in the picture has nothing to do with it) With a couple rubber washers, some silicon sealer (which was probably unnecessary), and a brass fitting for the top side (also from the aisle with the hose spigot parts) I now just turn the knob and drain the water using a 6' hose. The pool is elevated on cinder blocks to help get enough gravity for it to drain and I may add one more row of 4" block to improve drainage pressure. I don't think this would work with those blue molded plastic flimsy pools, it needs to be a sturdier plastic, but this will be well worth your time if you have ducks.

The pond
Inside of the pond: the drain
Edit: I'm finding that it takes about an hour to drain with a 6 foot hose, this is a little slower than I would like and not quite the distance I would prefer. I may adjust this drain to fit a large pool hose so it will drain out faster and farther. Either way, it still beats using buckets.
Underside of the duck pond


brenda said...

whoa!!!! how did the ducks get so big so fast?!?!? wow!

AJK said...

WOW!!! Ditto that statement! OMG!

mrsb said...

Awesome! What a great way to create a duck "pond"!

Dave said...

Good Job! I did something similar a few years ago when we had water turtles (Red-Eared Sliders).

Gabrielle said...

I've just found this post after a lot of googling as I want to water the veg patch with the dirty duck water and was struggling to find an example. Thanks! You've a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Super idea! I did something similar with one of those flimsy blue kiddie pools. If I just let it "gravity d"rain it takes FOREVER so I speed it up by "flushing" the drain hose with a jet spray from my garden hose. This acts similar to a siphon and really gets the water moving! I aim the jet spray into the drain hole and spray for about a second or two.

ChiotsRun said...

Love it, great idea. We just got ducks and I'm looking for ideas for a pond. We have a kiddie pool that will be used until something more permanent goes in.