Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ordering chickens

I'm putting in an order to mypetchicken.com to get a couple of breeds that are unavailable locally, along with some old favorites. My original plan was to get 3 chicks every year and a half or so to make sure I always had steady layers and the backyard flock was a manageable size.... but there are so many different chickens that I want! At first my "shopping cart" had 27 chicks, which is waaaaay too many for my backyard! After an hour or so of cutting the list I think I will be getting 7 chicks comprised of these 6 breeds:

Silver-Laced Wyandotte

Salmon Faverolle (a five-toed, feather-footed bird)

Golden-Laced Polish

Another Easter-Egger (green egg layer)

Buff-Laced Polish


I won't actually be getting the chicks until late September or early October when the weather cools down to a lovely 100 degrees. Several of these varieties are backordered for awhile so I want to be sure to get in line!

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AJK said...

Such Beautiful birds! And what a great Blog you have, and a lovely farm! I'll keep checking up on your progress! Happy Gardening!