Thursday, May 22, 2008


I calculated that by using the bike for shopping and other close errands for one year, the bike will have paid for itself in saved gas money!

Since we only live about a mile from Trader Joe's it seems silly to drive there, doing our shopping by bike also helps me reach my goal of only filling up my gas tank once per month. In the background you can see one section of the compartmentalized chicken tractor/garden bed unit. The grocerymobile also doubles as an egg delivery-mobile.

This week we've had a real heat wave, with temps up over 110 Monday and Tuesday. Today I was hoping to make applesauce in the solar oven, however, today it's raining and tomorrow the high is around 70. So in a matter of a few days the high will have fluctuated 40 degrees. The chickens and plants are confused.

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