Thursday, June 12, 2008

The front yard garden

I am taking some major steps forward to utilize the front yard as a growing space. We have decided that while the backyard garden has the standard fruit trees and garden plants, the front yard will be entirely native (with the exception of the palms that are already there). I am getting several varieties of seed from a fantastic non-profit in AZ called Native Seed Search. They include varieties of Amaranth (for grain and greens), Black-eyed peas, lima beans, chiles, corn, tepary beans, peas, greens, sorghum, squash, gourds, melons, herbs and even cotton. I am hoping by planting all of these in the front yard where passers-by will see them, I will have a chance to help educate others about them (I'll of course be doing a lot of self-educating first). It also seems like a prudent step to take in case we do get water shortages, these varieties will be easier to sustain in our very hot, very dry climate.

In other news, the incubator got here today! Now I've just got to figure out what to hatch first.

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