Monday, February 25, 2008

Pictures of the chicken pen and more

A view of the new pen
Here is an image of the new pen to keep the chicken poop where it belongs. The chickens have reacted surprisingly well. I had been braced for hours of squawking in protest of being denied access to many of their favorite spots, but it hasn't happened yet. (knock knock) It's recommended that you have about 11 total square feet per bird (4 in the coop and 7 in the run) and these chickens have about 150 square feet each, a regular Beverly Hills.
The chickens kicking back
The view from the pen includes many of the newly planted trees. Right now they mostly look like sticks with little green buds starting to come out. I hope they make lots of fruit. Fresh fruit is one of my favorite things, and so is free stuff, so free fresh fruit is pretty high up on my list of stuff that is the opposite of lame. Conversely, my husband is the only person in existence that hates peaches-- not just the fuzz, but the flavor and everything about them. Luckily since I am in charge of the yard, I get the winning vote. :)

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