Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Trees and a chicken pen

I had to go get a crown the other day (tooth not Miss America) and I was really upset, both because it hurt and because I have such good dental hygiene that things like this should be impossible. So to make myself feel better I went and bought a new little peach tree, a Mid Pride variety. I came home and planted it and got so excited that I decided I needed more fruit trees. Today I picked up a Dorsett Golden Apple (which will help with the pollination of my Anna Apple), Beauty Plum, Gold Kist Apricot, Black Mission Fig and a miniature bonanza peach. I am so excited about the new trees. I am still sad over Moxie dying, so this helps a little.
Secondly, my husband and I have decided that chicken free-ranging throughout the yard is just not the best idea. This week we will be building a fence to keep them free ranging in about a quarter of the yard. This way we won't have poop on the back porch and they'll stop tearing up my plants. The chickens are quite vocal when they're unhappy, and I am a bit concerned that they'll be throwing hour long screaming fits over this new confinement. I am crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly.
I haven't taken any pictures yet, hopefully by the end of this week all the new trees will be planted and the fence will be built, then I'll post pictures.

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