Saturday, August 18, 2007

First Brown Egg

The Rhode Island Red egg, Nightcrawler's egg, a small store-bought egg
About a week ago our Rhode Island Red laid her first egg. These tiny "pullet eggs" will gradually get bigger and by spring we should have eggs that are a more regular size. Unlike Nightcrawler, the Rhode Island Red was quick to lay her second, (Though to Nightcrawler's credit, she's now on a 6 eggs/week plan) she only skipped one day and has laid an egg a day every since. This kind of productivity is why they make the big bucks.
I planted 30 kernels of corn, we got heavy rains the day after I planted them and most of them had sprouted within 36 hours! I found some old shutters in the neighbor's trash and coupled with bird netting and rocks rigged up something that I hope will keep the birds, especially the chickens, from eating the young sprouts. I would post a picture of my ghetto corn-fort but I think it would bring too much shame to my family.

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