Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aquaponics and a tiny pond

I still haven't added the tilapia to the aquaponics system, but I think the tank may have nearly finished cycling this weekend. In the few weeks we've had them, the females have gotten a little bigger but the males have more than tripled in size.

Grow bed about 2 weeks after planting seeds

The plants are doing fantastic in the grow bed. I've been adding small amounts of fish emulsion both to help with the tank cycling and also to provide some nutrients for the growing plants. This picture is about 10 days worth of growth from the last post's picture.

Finally, I've made a tiny pond on the tiny farm! This roughly 45 gallon pond will serve to grow duckweed to help feed the tilapia. I'm hoping to eventually grow 100% of the food for the tilapia on the property. To build it (after my usual sticking my shovel through some irrigation lines and repairing them) I used leftover pond liner from the aquaponics set up, rocks that were already on the property, plants that came free with my tilapia, a handful of duckweed from the fish store ($1.30) and a pair of gambusia fish to eat mosquito larvae ($2.49). Total cost: about $4. I could have gotten the gambusia free from friends with ponds or the city of Phoenix, but this particular fish store (Phoenix Tropical Fish) took the time to really help me with questions a few weeks back so I thought I'd give them some business, even if it's just a couple bucks.

Pond area: BEFORE


I'll add some plants around the outside of the pond when the weather cools down a bit. The duckweed is spreading rapidly and the water hyacinths are blooming, so it's been a pretty good payoff for a few hours of very sweaty digging and rock piling.


Jen said...

Love the little pond :)

Hannah said...

That's beautiful!

Grandpa said...

Hi Rachel, I am a new visitor. For Tiny Farm you sure have a lot growing on it.

Good luck with the tilapias. I have some in my farm to - come visit me some time

Anonymous said...

wow this is amazing - there is nothing you can't do rachel. i love the flowers in the pond.

i come here to remind myself how lazy i am!

hearts hope all is well
suzie falk

rachelbess said...

Aww. Thanks Suzie. You could do it if you wanted!

Lizard said...

How is this project going? My hubby and I are very interested in tilapia mini-farming (Phoenix area as well).....

Antika Mondal said...

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