Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sick and crappy randomness

That headline pretty much sums up my last few days. I had what I thought was food poisoning Sunday night from some expired but "still probably okay to drink despite it's slightly unpleasant taste" milk. In the name of not wasting money I drank something I probably shouldn't have. To skip the ensuing details, I will abbreviate and just say, I lost a lot of weight the following 12 hours. I felt pretty bad the next day too, which led others who are more knowledgeable about illnesses to believe it wasn't food poisoning but something more flu-like, and now two days after that, I still feel not so great in the stomach, less like the flu, more like ulcers. Who knows. I wonder if this is what would happen to a longtime vegan force-fed surf and turf.

In unrelated matters, I had some fantastic bread at Thanksgiving that my parents' neighbors/friends made, and it turns out it was the New York Times bread that everyone has been raving about. (Here's the recipe link in case you haven't gotten to it either) When I first saw it popping up all over the blogosphere I looked at it and thought, that looks a little messy, takes a long time, and what the hell does the New York Times know about making bread?? Apparently they (or rather the guy that originally wrote the recipe that they printed) know a lot. I will be making it as soon as I can stand up straight again.

There isn't a whole lot of tiny farm news to post this time of year. The seeds have all been planted and I'm just starting to get to the harvesting point for the swiss chard and mixed greens. I'm still getting bell peppers, eggplants and even a little okra and I'm hoping the tomatoes ripen before our first frost hits (usually around December 15th though I think it will be later this year). It seems like they almost never do though, I always have to go out and pick a bunch of green tomatoes and let them ripen inside.

I guess this was a pretty random post, I'm distracted by my stomach and my unrelenting desire for nachos, which apparently "aren't appropriate food for sick people".


Mo said...

My Swiss Chard is coming along nicely too but my peppers have stopped producing. I had to pull all my zucchini plants because they were infested with aphids despite my best efforts.I was worried they would spread to everything else. I am very happy with the amount of zucchinis we got though so really didn't feel so bad about pulling them.

I would say prsonally that whatever you feel like eating is appropriate food when you are sick! :)

Susy said...

Too bad. That's what I'm like when I have store bought dairy (we drink raw milk). I'm lactose intolerant.

Hope you're feeling better!

spelled with a K said...

hope its not ulcers...thats bad mojo.

enjoy the garden, a good portion of the country wont be seeing green for several months...sigh

Anonymous said...

Mexican food is the first thing I eat when I am getting over stomache flu. Everyone always thinks I'm crazy for doing it... I say its "road testing" to see if I'm really getting better or not. Want me to smuggle you a plate of nachos? :)

littlem said...

Get better soon. Drink lots of water.