Sunday, October 19, 2008

Class on keeping chickens at the Tiny Farm and the ducks get a new home :(

Today was an eventful day at the tiny farm.

As you know from previous posts, the ducks were just too loud. We tried a few things, they helped, but not enough to make us good neighbors again, so the ducks had to find a new home. They left tonight for their move to live near chickens in the garden at Mesa Community College. They will be protected and well-cared for, but I was (am) still *very* sad to see them go.
My friend from the farmer's market just got 4 muscovy ducks this last week, and I'm hoping that maybe in the spring we can get some eggs from him and hatch a few. Muscovies aren't cute like the khaki campbells, and they don't lay as many eggs, but they don't quack. It's a trade off.

In better news, through the Phoenix Permaculture Guild, I taught a class on keeping chickens at your house... here at my house. A lot of people turned up and I thought it went well, and I always love talking to people that are also interested in chickens.

In the background of these photos (to my right) you can see the in-progress solar oven, it's just about done, I'll make a detailed post when it's completed and I have temperature statistics. I sat through a very nice man's presentation about water softening to get a $25 home depot gift certificate which, when it comes, will let me get the rest of the parts I need to finish the oven.

In other 'being resourceful' news, the downtown arts district had a harvest festival last night and there were straw bales and pumpkins that were going to be thrown away at the end of the night. We brought home 2 straw bales, which also worked as great seating for my class today, and 9 big pumpkins, which we will eat. Thankfully, the rest of the straw found a home at a community garden instead of the dumpster, so nothing was wasted. :)


Anonymous said...

could you send me some info on the laws concerning chickens in the city, i live in the historic districts near encanto park. please email me any info/tips you may have. i would really appreciate it.

rachelbess said...


In the city of Phoenix (barring HOA's) you are allowed to have 20 hens if
you have 10,000 square feet of property or more. If you have less than
10,000 square feet you need to have your neighbor's permission. This is
technically supposed to be a notarized written statement (I think there is
even a form from the city you can get). Many people just get verbal
agreements, but those obviously don't hold up with an officer sent to
investigate, should that ever happen. You cannot have roosters legally
within the city limits unless you are zoned agricultural.
Hope this helps!