Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Painting, "The Traveling Strawberry Grower"

"The Traveling Strawberry Grower"

I don't usually post my artwork on this blog, but I was updating my painting website earlier today rachelbess.com, and thought this painting might be appropriate. It's 8" by 6", oil on panel. The woman has a bee in a little bee cage for an earring (which is hard to see in the lo-res computer image).

Hopefully we make begin making better choices for the environment so we don't all have to grow dinner in test tubes on our head. A good beginning would be to think long and hard whether or not it's smart to go busting up Alaska (or anywhere else) to get resources we wouldn't need if we had better energy policy (solar/wind etc) and conserved the energy we already have... I didn't mean for this to be a political rant but the ignorant "drill baby drill" B.S. makes me angry every time I think about it. It's hard to believe that people could be such disgustingly poor stewards of the earth. These people are so greedy and selfish (look to the national debt partly because of corporate bailouts for other proof) that they will sell their grand-childrens' futures just to make their own life a little less of a hassle.

Well... I better sign off before I get too far into those feelings, this is supposed to be about my tiny farm! :)


maventheavenger aka jamie said...

Amen to that!
I like your painting.

Mo said...

Beautiful, amazing painting, and I am with you all the way girl! :)

AJK said...

Lovely painting!! I wish I had time to paint again...I have a silly blog for that too, but haven't kept it up....and YES! I completely agree! I was sooooo sad and upset that they are allowing off-shore drilling ban to phase out...(I live in SoCal so it will affect us directly) ugh!!!

suzanne m falk said...

i was wandering around your garden blog this evening - hi. :) this painting is really great i love the bee earring so much.