Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spreading into the front yard

Well, I ran out of room to plant trees in the backyard so I'm beginning what will be a VERY slow conversion of the front yard. When I bought my house the front yard had (and still has) two small hills of grass with a total of 5 very large palm trees on them in the middle of desert landscaping. This is annoying for many reasons, mostly because that means there's always bermuda grass spreading into the gravel. It will be a couple years before everything in the front yard gets worked out, mostly because it all takes money. For now though, I added a pomegranate tree and a variegated pink lemon tree to the front on one of the mounds. I'm really excited about the lemon tree, I had wanted one of these trees for a couple of years now. Here is a picture of the fruit it produces:
notice some of the pretty variegated leaves in the back of the basket

In the fall I'll plant a couple of mesquite trees in the front yard so we can harvest the pods and make flour from them. (Anyone know off-hand which variety is best for this?) Also on the to-do list is converting that bermuda grass to some kind of edible landscaping. Bermuda grass is second only to mosquitos in my list of arch-nemeses. (arch-nemisises?)

Finally, in case any of you were staying awake at night wondering, there will be no re-usable toilet cloths at our house. The little hose thing, maybe.

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jamie said...

That lemon tree is beautiful.