Friday, May 18, 2007

Photos of the "farm" and a list of what we're growing

Here is a list of what's growing this spring:
-10 grape vines, including red flame, muscat and several other varieties
-Winter squash
-Yellow crookneck summer squash
-Fig tree
-Anna apple tree
-Desert Gold peach tree
-Valencia Orange tree
-Clementine tree
-White mulberry tree
-Besser tomatoes
-Purple calabash tomatoes
-Russian Black tomatoes
-Large red cherry tomatoes
-Pink oxheart tomatoes
-Provider green beans
-Royal burgandy bush bean
-Wren's egg bean
-Banana pepper
-Serrano Chili pepper
-Black/Purple Bell Pepper
-Hale's best cantaloupe
-Honeydew melon
-Armenian cucumber
-Moon and stars watermelon
-Nasturtium (edible flowers and leaves)
-Marigolds (edible flower)
-Cilantro (recently bolted and pulled)

4 Hens (we hope!)
2 Americaunas- Moxie and Roxie
Rhode Island Red- PeeWee
Blue Andalusian- Nightcrawler

(and our two cats, Lasa and Stinky)

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